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Human Resources shares important reminder on submitting time cards

During the past few weeks, Human Resources has noticed a significant increase in the number of employees who have not submitted their time cards or who have not had their time card approved. 

While the Total Rewards team sends out a reminder to those who have not submitted or approved time, this is only a courtesy. When time cards are not submitted by the due date, it results in an increased burden for the several teams involved in processing payroll. Additionally, processing payroll without all employees time being submitted/approved can negatively impact the employee. 

Moving forward, all employees and managers need to make it a priority to submit and approve time cards prior to the outlined deadline to avoid unnecessary time on this process and hardships for employees. Those employees and managers who continue to miss these deadlines may be subject to disciplinary action and/or subject to receiving late payments (waiting until the following pay period to be paid for the missed paycheck). Please also note the following guidance on submitting time cards:

  • View the university’s time entry deadlines as well as each pay date.
  • Employees need to submit time by noon every Monday before pay day.
  • Managers need to approve time by 5 p.m. every Monday before pay day.
  • Entries past deadline may result disciplinary action and/or late payments.

Make note of the payroll schedule through end of 2022

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