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Personnel Updates

Please note our recent updates.

Maria Augustus is a new instructor of mathematics for the School of School of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, & Data Science (CARDS) at University Campus.

Allison Bohler is a new student advisor for WorldWide Operations at the Columbus Education Center.

Lyndsie Dodd is a new campus safety officer I for University Safety at University Campus. 

Angel Jones is now a visiting instructor of computer science for the School of CARDS at University Campus.

Tonya Mazur is now an assistant professor of management for the Tapia College of Business at University Campus. 

Alaina Plowdrey is now the director of WorldWide Learning and Operations for WorldWide Operations via remote. 

Richard Whitcomb is a new irrigation technician for Facilities Management at University Campus.

Petra Zamora is a new housekeeper for Facilities Management at University Campus. 


Employee Interim Support Reason for Leaving
Jennifer DiTillio, legal assistant for Legal Affairs at University Campus.  Staci Shelley Pursuing another opportunity
Deidre Greenhalgh, graduate enrollment counselor for University Enrollment Management at the Tampa Student Support Center. Cindy Crist Pursuing another opportunity
Bianli Jacobs, graduate student advisor for Student Success and Academic Engagement at the Tampa Student Support Center.  Sarah Young Pursuing another opportunity
Gertrude JeanPierre, IT project manager for the Department of Information Technology at University Campus. Sean Vanguilder Pursuing another opportunity
Jo-Ann Johnston, academic communications manager for University Brand Marketing and Communications at University Campus. Caroline Jorgensen Pursuing another opportunity
Veronika Ospina-Kammerer, professor of social work for the College of Education and Social Services at University Campus. Ebony Perez Retiring

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