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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by University Communications


Several employees to celebrate service anniversaries in January

Twice each year at Community Day, Saint Leo University presents service awards to employees who have reached an increment of five years of service. 

Service awards are based on “seniority date,” which may not necessarily be employees’ full-time hire dates. For example, if you were initially hired as a part-time employee, the date you started as a part-time employee will be your seniority date.

The seniority date range for August Community Days is January 1 to July 31; the date range for January Community Days is August 1 to December 31 of the previous year. For our upcoming January 4, 2019 Community Day, you will receive a service award if your seniority date falls between August 1 to December 31.

To be sure we have included everyone who should receive a service award at our next Community Day, we are publishing a list of recipients below for your review. If you think you should be receiving an award at the upcoming Community Day and your name is not listed below, please contact Noel Quiles at

5-Year Recipients

Amina Abdullah-Winstead
Joshua  Adams
Fern Aefsky
Tia  Bailey
Michelle  Becker
Tracy Boltin
Douglas Hodges
James  Jones
Amanda Laffin
Caleb Marler
Christopher Martin
Elaine Miller
Dennis Moller
Teresa Morris
Kingsley Nwosu
Elihu O’Hara
Robert Pratt
Elizabeth Schmidt
Robert Seidler
Chris Williams
Tracy Wolfe

10-Year Recipients

Elizabeth Barr
Nicole Boltin
Justin Busch
Richard Crothers
Frank Jackson
Brian Jeffrey
Veronica Mantegna
Brooke Paquette
Victoria Reece
Margarita Sanchez
Renee Sedlack
Belegna Toledo-Telles
Alena White
Debby Williams

15-Year Recipients

Mary Estes
Aletha Harrelson
Jacqueline Kennedy
Patrick McCartney
Marcia Malia
Joseph Tadeo
Patricia Thompson

20-Year Recipients

Susan Boyd
Cindy Lee

30-Year Recipient

Mary Spoto

35-Year Recipients

Argon Roberts

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