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Published on July 6th, 2018 | by University Communications


Community Day—upcoming service awards

Twice each year at Community Day, Saint Leo University presents service awards to employees who have reached an increment of five years of service. 

Service awards are based on “seniority date,” which may not necessarily be employees’ full-time hire dates. For example, if you were initially hired as a part-time employee, the date you started as a part-time employee will be your seniority date.

The seniority date range for August Community Days is January 1 to July 31; the date range for January Community Days is August 1 to December 31 of the previous year. For our upcoming August 15 Community Day, you will receive a service award if your seniority date falls between January 1 to July 31.

To be sure we have included everyone who should receive a service award at our next Community Day, we are publishing a list of recipients below for your review. If you think you should be receiving an award at the upcoming Community Day and your name is not listed below, please contact Noel Quiles at

5-Year Recipients

Bianli Abreu
Amanda Black
Margaret Brennan-Riddle
Susan Cashwell
Brenda Clark
Isabel Contreras
Cindy Crist
Melissa Crist
Laura Cross
Alexander Davis
Kenneth Embry
Eric Garcia
Nina Garcia
Andrew Gold
Aida-Lisette Gonzalez
Christopher Greenwood
John David Harding
Kelly Hill
Roosevelt Hodges
Ebony Huggins
Early Jackson
Keith Jones
Kristy Jones
Larry Jones
Istral Joseph
Markka Juntti
Cheryl Kozina
Gregory Kunzweiler
Antonio Laverghetta
Brittany Leigh
Stephanie Lewis
Joan Litumbe-Lemeh
Jason Longo
Sophina Marshall
Christopher Martin
Colleen Mcllroy
Renelda Merzius
Ivelise Moran
Tiffany Nelson
Manh Van Nguyen
Michael Anthony Novak
Stephen Okey
Edson O’Neale
Francis Orlando
Diedre Phillips
Leslie Ramirez
Frances Ramos
Lisa Rapp-McCall
April Rathbone
Hector Rodriguez
Heather Stanley
Keith Tamanini
Jennifer Toole
Alicia Waldon
Brian Walker
Larry Williams

10-Year Recipients

Michelle Anderson
James Barnette
Patrick Crerand
Passard Dean
James Detuccio
William Ellis
Jose Garcia
Elizabeth Heron
Burgsbee Lee Hobbs
Jo-Ann Johnston
Randi Kinney
Allyson Marino
Alma Martinez
Eric Maule
Kenneth Moss
Monica Moyer
Veronika Ospina-Kammerer
Gertrude Pierre
William Poynor
Maureen Tarpey
Ernest Vendrell
Mark Williams
Toni Winn
Randall Woodard
Samantha Woodham

15-Year Recipients

Charles Oden
Susan Foster
Monika Kiss
Matthew Mitchell
Grace Moreno
Mark Morgan
Joanne Roberts
Nancy Story
Angela Woodham

20-Year Recipients

Douglas Astolfi
Elizabeth Clines
Sr. Eileen Dunbar
Lori Galbreath
Shannon Jackson
Ioannis Pantzalis
Richard Vogel
Jacquelyn White

30-Year Recipient

Francis Reidy

35-Year Recipients

Alonzo Singleton
Cynthia Tsikuris

40-Year Recipient

Karen Hatfield

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