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Published on December 15th, 2017 | by University Communications


Community Day—upcoming service awards

Twice each year at Community Day, Saint Leo University presents service awards to employees who have reached an increment of five years of service. 

Service awards are based on “seniority date,” which may not necessarily be employees’ full-time hire dates. For example, if you were initially hired as a part-time employee, the date you started as a part-time employee will be your seniority date.

The seniority date range for January Community Days is August 1 to December 31 of the previous year; the date range for August Community Days is January 1 to July 31. For our upcoming January 5 Community Day, you will receive a service award if your seniority date falls between August 1 and December 31.

To be sure we have included everyone who should receive a service award at our next Community Day, we are publishing a list of recipients below for your review. If you think you should be receiving an award at the upcoming Community Day and your name is not listed below, please contact Noel Quiles at

5-Year Recipients

Yarden Alfonso
Richard Bon
Jon Brackenrich
Ted Bulmanski
Brian Camp
Melinda Clark
Isabel Contreras
Joanne Crossman
Rosalie Fernandez
Carrie Fidurko
Araceli Garcia
Christine Georgallis
Renee Gerstein
Catherine Greek
Linda Green
Shadel Hamilton
Jacob Hinkle
Carol Hope Grant
Marvel Jackson
Ericka Loop
Ronda Mariani
Robert Maule
Karin May
Derek Mohammed
Laque Perkins
Kristina Phipps
Lucia Raatma
Misty Rhoden
Tom Ricard
Jacqueline Robbins
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Alan Rood
Elizabeth Ruegg
Iona Sarieva
Anthony Smith
Zachary Stoffers
Mayra Tavarez
Mary Uribes
Clayton Verge
Gina Volonino
Ryan Walczak
Debby Williams
Lekesha Williams
Dene Williamson

10-Year Recipients

Lisa Burnham
Jose Caban
Christopher Childers
Craig Cleveland
Jeffrey Edwards
Philip Hatlem
Karen Kwasny
Janelle Lemeur
Jorge Limon
Charles McKnight
Phillip Neely
Johnny Otero
Antony Paris
Luz Robayo
Claudia Ruiz Avila
Colleen Tiesler
Sean Vanguilder
Patricia Wynn
Tammy Zacchilli

15-Year Recipients

Rebecca Dyke
Franklin Gochenour
Sandra Hawes
Christopher Miller
Elliott Seagraves
Valerie Wright

20-Year Recipients

Elizabeth Clines
Robert Diemer
Marguerite McInnis
Gwendolyn Mikeals

25-Year Recipients

Francis Githieya
June Hammond
Marco Rimanelli

35-Year Recipient

Robin Vantine

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